Watanabevac (Thailand) Company Limited

Maintenance of vacuum pump

The company has a team of vacuum pump experts and over 50 years of experience in vacuum pump maintenance. We can solve various problems and are ready to take care and advise customers all the time.

Design and improvement of vacuum pump systems

We can design and improve vacuum pump systems to be suitable and match the work characteristics of customers.

We repair, maintenance, and maintenance of all types of vacuum pumps / design pumps to suit work characteristics / purchase pumps and spare parts / check leak points Ready to give advice


Check the leak of the vacuum pump system.
We have a service to check the leak of vacuum pump systems. Due to the efficient equipment and vacuum pump expert, we can quickly find the system leak and fix it.

Sell vacuum pump equipment

We import and distribute vacuum pumps, both old and new. We have products that are reliable.
From a manufacturing company with long experience and a team of technicians with expertise in maintenance of vacuum pump systems